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Sorry you have missed this year’s ground-breaking conference!

Gear Up for Mass Fleet PHEV /EV Adoption: Deploy Integrated Technologies and Establish New Ecosystems

Just announced:

Freightliner to present: Green for Free: Offset Vehicle Cost for Fleet Operators

Coda Automotive to Participate in: Utilize Existing Data for Future Fleet Management Services

Remy International to join: Customize EV Tech. to Suit Fleet Applications

Electrification Coalition to join the discussions

Key topics to be discussed at this leading industry event:

  • Essential Insight into the Fleet Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Matrix:  Learn the defining features of TCO such as duty cycle, gross vehicle weight (GVW), or, terrain gradient to establish the key drivers for adoption by fleet managers

  • Fleet Managers Divulge Key PHEV/EV Requirements:  Discover fleet manager requirements such as speed and ease of operational capabilities and realistic requirements from batteries such as high capacity, low weightand long lifecycle  for PHEV/ EVs to position your solutions accordingly

  • Capitalize on Battery and Vehicle Resale Opportunities: Identify the opportunities for fleets to re-coup costs through battery retail options such as utility energy storage and the full requirements from the battery such as % capacity and diminishing rates to qualify for retail options

  • Re-Align Green tech. to Win Government Support: Discuss the corporate tax incentives and the available subsidies for both the R&D and purchase of PHEV/EV technologies to benefit from government backing

  • Next-Gen Charging Options for Efficient Fleet Charging: Identify which of the different charging options such as home charging, level one, two, DC and battery swap align best with fleet applications and how updates to technologies such as rate-cards will allow for streamlined billing

  • Predict TCO Equation Changes for the Next Five Years:  Forecast how tech R&D and convergence of different data-sets such as battery monitoring, charging and enhanced mapping will determine a more comprehensive total cost of ownership equation to boost PHEV / EV deployment

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Expert Speakers Include:

  • Enterprise Holdings
  • FedEx Express
  • GE Capital Fleet Services
  • Coulomb Technologies
  • Smith Electric
  • Navistar / Estar
  • Dow Kowkam
  • PWC PRTM Management Consultancy
  • Bright Automotive
  • Electric Transport Advisors
  • Azure Dynamics
  • Eaton
  • Schneider Electric
  • BAE Systems
  • Trimble
  • A123 Systems

Plus many other industry leaders…

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PHEV/EV Technology for Fleets is the one event that you can’t afford to miss:

PHEV/EV technology for Fleets USA 2011 is the only event to focus solely on vehicles that run fully or partly off a pre-charged battery. Whether this is to power the vehicle or ancilliary equipment there are many questions of whether these vehicles are currently suitable for certain fleets. This show will give you the answers your business needs to partner with suppliers, build strategies and develop technologies to make PHEV/EVs a viable option for a more fleets.

This industry leading event includes:

  • 30+ expert speakers to give you the knowledge that you need to succeed
  • Focused sessions built through months of industry research
  • 20+ innovative sessions to ensure all the key topics are covered
  • 10+ interactive debate forums to help you brain-storm

If you want to get a full understanding of how to develop technologies that will enable the mass deployment of PHEV/EVs into fleets, you simply can't miss this conference! Download your complimentary brochure now!

Take a look at some of the rave industry endorsements and testimonials that other shows by the Electric Vehicle Update team have received:

"Impressed with the conference. Both days were full of discussions and presentations based on innovative topics that project the next phase of technology to the automotive industry. There was great representation from all players in the industry, including the OEM's, mobile carriers, internet radio, etc. It was great to see how many of these companies are joining together in partnerships to make telematics a success." Volkswagen

"Excellent conference, can't wait to attend in 2011" Nissan

"The show is a great place to get an accurate pulse on the industry and to meet or keep in touch with industry leaders." Ford Motor Company

"The show once more proves to be the one event worth attending. All parts of the value chain are represented, which leads to high quality discussions and topics." Telenor Connexion

"A must-attend show to spur industrial-grade creative thinking in the world of vehicle connectivity. It's the cure for becoming too myopically focused on our own internal product development." Better Place

"Well produced conference highlighting the emerging EV infrastructure industry, while this may not be the year it all comes together it was nice to see significant progress being made on many fronts." Cymru Electric

"I thought the conference was extremely informative. The industry experts' presentations and panel discussions were engaging. I left the conference much more knowledgeable on the topic of EV Infrastructure, especially from the different perspectives presented by the automakers, utilities, and charging station manufacturers. Great conference!" Infogroup

"It was a great forum to get the latest pulse of the EV infrastructure industry." NAVTEQ

"Thanks for an excellent conference. I enjoyed the presentations and expert panels. The presentation content was quite relevant to the work I am doing within my company on a daily basis." Coda Automotive

"I thought it was a very informative EV conference with a broad range of topics and little overlap."
California Energy Commission

"PEV Infrastructure USA 2011 was extremely informative, relevant, and timely. The topics covered provided a fantastic snapshot of the state of EV infrastructure in the US."

Does this sound like a worthwhile business opportunity? Then, why not register for the event here

Ruthana Foulkes
Conference Director
Electric Vehicle Update
7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK
(+44 20 7375 7151/ 1 800 814 3459 ext 7151 (USA Toll Free)

Speakers Include:

Conference at a Glance
  • 200+ senior level attendees - the most focused PHEV/EV Technology for Fleet conference in North America
  • 20+ hours of face-to-face networking opportunities
  • 6 weeks of online networking pre/post event
  • 25+ senior EV speakers - the leaders of the EV space share their wisdom with you
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